June 15, 2012

DIY Fri: Fabric Flower Headband

Hello, lovelies! I am so happy to finally be posting another diy project again! I feel like it has been way too long since my last tutorial. I created this fabric flower headband because I have been obsessing over the floral crown trend lately, but wanted to create one using some fabric scraps I had instead of buying fake flowers. I also used a recycled headband for the base of this project, but you could totally use all new materials.

-fabric glue
-hand sewing needle
-lightweight fabric, like silk or chiffon

1. This step is more of an optional step than a required one. I cut out strips of my pink fabric and wrapped it around my headband, gluing the edges down to stop it from fraying too much. 2. Draw a circle about 2.5 inches in diameter on paper, and cut it out to form a pattern. You will then want to cut out between 40 -60 circles from your fabric. 3. Take a single fabric circle and fold it in half twice. Hand sew it in place. 4. Repeat step 3 for the rest of your fabric circles. 5. Glue your pieces one by one to the headband, starting at the center top. You will want to glue one down, and then four around it, making a sort of flower pattern. 6. Finish gluing your fabric pieces to the rest of the headband. You can add as little, or as many as you like. 

It turned out cute right? I can't believe how easy these headbands are too make! I am even sitting here now thinking of how cool you can make them look if you did different size circles and/or different colored fabrics. 


  1. Super sweet pastel shades headband :D

    Lookin great on you too:D


  2. I love your make up ! What products did you use ? Especially for foundation, cheeks and lips.

  3. Thank you, Valerie! I actually just bought two new products that I love! I was even thinking about sharing them in a post for you guys. Anyways, here's a rundown of what I use... I start with Physicians Formula "concealer twins" - the green for the red marks, and the yellow for my under eyes. Then, with a cosmetic wedge I dab a tiny bit of Organic Wear tinted moisturizer over, just to even it out. I then used the physicians formula light bronzer over my entire face and neck. The cheek blush is Bobbie Brown in nectar, and I'm just wearing a clear gloss on my lips! I know it seams like a lot, but I actually have pretty splotchy skin, and all these products really give me an even tone.

  4. Such a cute headband!! I made a flower one months ago with a blogger friend of mine, but I might have to try this one out. Totally fab!

    (oh, and it doesn't hurt that I'm totally obsessed with that color of pink!)

  5. AMAZE headband!! Very beautiful!

  6. This is such a cute DIY! As soon as I get some time, I'm going to try making one. And I agree, your makeup looks fantastic!

  7. You come up with the best DIY ideas. They are so simple and easy “I could do it!”

  8. gawd! I was yenning for these cute hair ties and clips at Claire's that looked JUST LIKE THIS!! Thank you for putting this out there for me to find. I didn't want to spend money if I could diy for less money and maybe even customize.



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