June 28, 2012

Colored Bobby Pins

Hi there! I'm SO happy to finally be posting this diy. It was such a simple one that took no time at all, but I was feeling under the weather today, so it took me longer to pull myself together than expected.  I'm feeling a bit better now and am ready to finish this post! Woohoo, here goes. 

If you read my blog yesterday, you would have seen this post which served for the inspiration of these diy colored bobby pins. These are so simple to make, you don't even need photos of the steps! All you do is buy some  Conair Velvet Touch Flat Pins, or other bobby pins of your choice,  and slide a thin piece of cardboard between them (just like how they come store bought, but spread out more.) Then, paint two coats of nail polish on top. Wait about 30 minutes for them to dry completely, and you're done! I just love how they came out! I've been growing out my bangs, and this is such a cute way to pin them to the side. 

If you like the colors I used, here's the list of which nail polishes I choose for this tutorial. Blue - Petites Baby Blue #554; Pink - Julie Nail Color #B2C; Purple - Revlon Charming #211 


  1. I love these! I really like how thick they are. You can really see the colors.

  2. I went for the thicker ones just for that purpose! Also, they are very tight and hold my baby fine hair insanely well!

  3. Simple yet cute idea! Love the colors of the pins.

    *Your bobby pins photo is amazing. I felt an optical illusion of your pins moving when I scroll up and down the page. =)

  4. Thank you, onelmon! I still have a really crappy point and shoot camera, so taking good photos (at least what I think is good) is hard! It's nice to hear that they are not as bad as I think!



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