May 10, 2012

DIY Map Covered Box

Hi there qt pies! Now, I know some of you may be wondering why I am posting a tutorial when it is a little bit early for DIY Fri. I have been re-thinking my entire blog lately, and have been wanting to get rid of my scheduled, weekly posts, and focus more on sharing great content on a regular basis. Mostly, posting more tutorials and personal style. I probably won't get rid of DIY Fri entirely until I actually commit to posting more frequently. I'd love to hear your thoughts and input on this. Please comment below to share!

Now, on to the project! Remember how I told you guys I finally got my own "studio" to work in? Well, I literally had NO storage for any of my craft supplies. I bought a couple of new, very pretty storage boxes, but was way over budget, and still didn't even have enough to store everything. I had some empty shoe boxes and decided to use them instead of waiting to buy more. To make them prettier, I covered them with maps, and now all my supplies are neatly organized and packed away. Yay! Now it's your turn to try out this cool and simple craft.

-shoe box
-glue stick

1. Start with the lid. Apply a generous amount of glue stick to the top of the lid. Glue it to a piece of map paper that is just big enough to cover the top and sides. Make sure to smooth out any bubbles or bumps. 2. Glue the remaining edges of the paper, and fold over like your are wrapping a present. Apply a lot of glue wherever the paper needs to be stuck down. 3. Now you can start on the bottom of the box. Tape up the sides if they are not smooth, or bulging out any. 4. Place the longer side of the box down on to the wrong side of your map paper. Trace around the perimeter. Add a 1/2 inch around all the sides and cut out. 5. Liberally apply glue to the wrong side of the paper you just cut, and glue to the box. You will be folding the 1/2 inch edges over the top, bottom, and sides. Repeat with the other long side. 6. Lastly, place the shorter ends on to the wrong side of some more map paper and trace. This time, only add 1/2 inch to the top and bottom. Glue the piece down and fold over the top and bottom. Do the same for the other end. When it's dry, apply more glue to any paper that snags, or is not stuck down completely. 


  1. Good idea. We have all those maps from the National Geographic publications. I can put them to good use now!

  2. Ya! I love those maps from National Geographic!

  3. Such a good way to store crafts! My bf just bought some new shoes and I didn't let him throw out the boxes because I was thinking of doing something like this, but with wrapping paper.

  4. Wrapping paper is such a good idea! you could also use scrapbook paper too.

  5. This will be perfect to store keepsakes & photos from trips to certain places. Just use a map of the place you visited. Love this, thanks!

  6. What a cute project! I love it so much that I decided to feature it in our roundup of map crafts! Check it out here:

    Have a great day!

  7. Wow! Thanks so much Julia.

  8. I love map craft projects! This is going into my "to-make" list! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

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