May 11, 2012

DIY Fri: White Collared Shirt Nautical Revamp

I'm pretty sure most of us have old, unused, white dress shirts in the backs or our closets. It's such a staple piece, that it's hard to not have one or two of these lingering around. Well, I got tired of looking at this particular one I had, and decided it needed a little nautical/retro inspired revamp. This honestly took no time and looks super cute. Also, can you imagine how many variations you could do with different colored shirts and trim! I think I might just start doing this with all my old shirts.

-blue rick rack 
-blue, red, & white thread
-hand sewing needle
-old white shirt
-red buttons
-sewing machine

1. Shorten your sleeve. Try your shirt on and mark with a pin how short you want your sleeves to be. Take the shirt off and measure 1 inch down from the pin. (The 1 inch is for the hem.) Draw a line at this measurement and cut. Zig-zag stitch the ends of the sleeve where you cut, fold under 1 inch, and sew down with a straight stitch. 2. Sew your rick rack to the the shirt collar. I started with just the long, bottom collar edge. Then I did the shorter, front edges, making sure that I folded the ends under. 3. Sew rick rack to the sleeve hem. 4. Remove the buttons with a seam ripper, or scissors, and replace with your red buttons. *tip: make sure your buttons are similar in size to your shirts existing buttons.

Add a red neck scarf, or a red hairband, for the perfect nautical look. 


  1. You're so pretty Jene! Miss your face and our lunch talks. =)

  2. Aw thanks Osiris! I miss you too! I actually had a weird Alhambra dream last night! lol

  3. oh, it looks divine! you're so creative, thanks for sharing ♥



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