May 04, 2012

DIY Fri: Equestrian Pin

Hello friends and lovers! Today I have a themed project for you to try out. I was inspired by the Kentucky Derby, and my love for funky equestrian pins. Seeing as the Derby is tomorrow, I wanted to create a cute little something that was easy to whip up in time for the festivities. I'm not personally to fond of the Kentucky Derby races, but I do love the fashion...and the mint juleps are pretty nice too! Well, I find it's not always appropriate to wear a huge, over the top hat, but I can somehow always justify wearing one of these ribbon brooches. Plus, when you're done wearing it, it makes an awesome decoration for walls or presents. 

-Cupcake Liners
-Rick Rack 
-Button or big gem stone
-Pinking Shears or Craft Scissors
-Quick drying fabric glue
-Safety pin

1. Flatten out a cupcake liner.  I used liners that were double sided with aluminum foil, but you can use whatever you like.  2. Flat out another cupcake liner, and cut is smaller around the edges with your craft scissors. Have fun with it, and add as many, or little layers as you like! Once you're done cutting, glue the layers together in the middle. 3. Glue rickrack around the middle section 4. Use another cupcake liner, or two, to cut "ribbons. Then, glue some more rick rack on top of the ribbons. 5. Glue the two ribbons to the back, as well as another piece of rick rack for pinning. 6. Glue a button, gemstone, or something else pretty to the middle. When it's dry, use a safety pin to pin it on! And don't forget to flaunt it!



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