April 08, 2012

Spring In My Step

I'm pretty sure Spring has finally arrived here in the pacific northwest. The flowers have been blooming for a while now, but the weather has continued on with it's usually gloomy coldness. Things have seemed much brighter the past week, tho. The sun has been poking its head out the past few days, and yesterday was actually cloud free all day. My boyfriend and I took the opportunity to be outside by following the trail behind our new apartment. I'm so excited to have nature so close to my new home, especially when the trail has a mini stream and bridge, tons of mossy stairs, and is perfect for walks with my pup!

Blouse: Vintage
Sweater: Vintage
Skirt: Vintage
Shoes: BDG


  1. Lovely little skirt, I wish I could wear a sweater here, but rapidly it is no longer an option!

  2. Those oxfords are so cute! They work really well with the polka dots. :-)

  3. Marie, I wish I did not have to wear sweaters anymore! I was even a little chilly in that outfit before I has to start walking faster! And Paige, those are my favorite shoes!!! they are all beat up but I have been wearing them every day.



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