April 13, 2012

Roll On

Last month when I visited my home in Miami, I started searching my old bathroom for a curling iron I used to have. To my delight, I came across my vintage hot rollers, and these cage hair rollers. The hot rollers are currently being sent to me, and the curling iron I brought back doesn't really work. So, I finally decided to give these cute, pink rollers a try. The past two days I've worn these around the house, and I half feel like a vintage cutie, and the other half of me feels like an old lady in a moo moo. Nonetheless, I am very happy with how my hair turned out. It added just a bit of a curly wave, which is just what I was going for. The only down side is that I must wear these for at least a few hours, and randomly blast them with my hairdryer, to make the curl stick in my incredibly thin, baby hair. I will say that that's not enough to keep me away. These are way easier than a curling iron if you ask me, and I will gladly continue to use them!

1 comment:

  1. Love these, rollers better for me too



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