April 13, 2012

DIY Fri: Mouse Pad Makeover

I've pretty much had the same mouse pad for the past 5 years or so. It used to have The Starry Night  printed on to it, which I loved at the time of purchase, but after so many years it was just not cutting it anymore. I originally tried to cover it up using Modge Podge and fabric, but it came out horribly stiff and splotchy (refer to picture one in the instructions!) I actually kept it like this for a few days, but it was driving me nuts. I decided to re-cover it using an upholstery type method. I absolutely love how it turned out!

-mouse pad
-craft/fabric glue

1. Place your mouse pad down on some paper and trace around it with a pencil. 2. Straighten out the lines, and smooth out the corners on your drawing. Add half an inch around the entire perimeter, and then cut it out from the paper. 3. Cut two pieces of fabric. The top piece will be cut first because it is the bigger of the two pieces. Cut off that half an inch you drew around the original pattern, and then cut your second piece this size. You may want to even cut a tad bit smaller. 4. Place your mouse pad face side down on to the wrong side of the bigger piece of fabric. Start gluing at one straight edge. When dry, start to glue the opposite side, pulling taut as you go. 5. Snip around the corners so it will lay flat. Glue each piece you just snipped down. Do all of the corners like this, then finish gluing the remaining two sides. 6. Glue the smaller fabric piece to the bottom of the mouse pad.*

Yay! I love my new shabby chic mouse pad! It really does brighten up my desk, and add a little personality.

-You do not have to put a bottom piece of fabric on if you do not want to. I chose to because the bottom of mine was very dirty. This does make it a tad bit slippery, so you may want to add a grippy sticker or two. 
-If you have a mouse that works with a light in the bottom, avoid fabrics that have a color that match the light. 


  1. A very cute idea! I'll have to try this out one day

  2. Well isn't this just adorable and so simple?! Love it!!

  3. Featured you on my blog! (: http://www.andieconn.com/40-happy-floral-diy-projects-spring/



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