April 06, 2012

DIY Fri: Color Block Tassel Necklace

-leather, suede, or micro-suede
-jewelry chain
-fabric glue
-fabric paint
-jewelry pliers

1. Cut out a rectangle of your leather or suede. The size will depend on how long and fat you want yours. Mine was 2.5 inches wide and 4 inches long. Mark a line .5 inches down from the top onto the wrong side of your fabric. 2. Cut up your rectangle to make fringe. Do not cut past the line. 3. Push the fringe together until there are no gaps or bumps, and tape off both sides where you do not want to paint. 4. Also, cut a thin strip and paint it black. 5. Once dry, cut a tiny piece of the strip for the necklace loop. 6. Glue the tiny piece together to form a loop, and then glue it to the edge of your fringe piece. 7. Apply glue above the line and tightly roll the necklace to form the tassel. 8.Cut the rest of your painted strip to fit around the tassel, and then glue it starting in the back (where the end of what you rolled is.) 9. Add your jewelry chain. 

These little tassels are so fun and easy to make! I actually experimented quite a lot, and would even love to make more in different colors.  


  1. I love it! :-)

    Agy from Green Issues

  2. This post is really helpful for us. i certainly love this website, keep on it.

  3. I'm going to do this. Great idea.



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