April 23, 2012

Another Day in the Park

Well, hey there cutie patooties! Hope you all had a sunny and fun weekend. I know I did! The incredible weather makes me so smiley, and motivated. I got a bunch of errands done this weekend, worked a bit, and had time for a Sunday pick-nick in the park with my boys (aka my boyfriend Fermin, and doggy Linos.) Nothing thrills me more than taking long walks with them, and lounging in the park. We've been hanging out at this park near our new home, called Lid Park. It has tons of grassy areas, recreational courts/fields, and an incredible view of Lake Washington, and the cities surrounding Mercer Island. I definitely see myself hanging around here for the rest of spring and summer! Just thinking of it makes me smile

Outfit Details
Top: thrifted American Eagle
Skirt: Vintage
Hat: Vintage
Shoes: BDG


  1. bah, i almost have the same shoes! i love anything with tassels, it's so sweet. i love your skirt :)

  2. I know tassels are sooo cute! and I'm in love with these shoesies!



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