February 15, 2012

V Day After

Hello, hello, hello all you sweethearts! I hope you had a great Valentine's yesterday! Mine was a super insane, hectic day followed by a mellow and relaxing night. I didn't do anything too big because my boyfriend had work until late at night, and the power was turned off all day due to maintenance (ugh!!!) Since I wasn't able to work from home, I decided to finally get a haircut at the Aveda institute here. Much to my own surprise, I actually went through with chopping off all my lovely locks. I still can't believe I did it, and I'm still missing my long mane today. I also had them dye my hair back to it's original color, or at least as close as they could with the red it was. My natural hair is much lighter, but hopefully my trip to Miami next month can fix that.

Today was filled with sunshine, and the lingering idea of Valentines day. I finally took down my photoshoot decorations, I have a pile of pink and red garments waiting for me to reconstruct, and I still have glitter and heart confetti scattered everywhere. All that was missing was a half eaten box of chocolates!


  1. you are rockin' that short hair girl. fabulous!!!
    and i love all the left over streamers from valentine's day! :)
    xo TJ

  2. Aw Thanks!! The short hair is starting to grow on me!



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