February 11, 2012

Saturday Style Spotlight: Chloe Moretz

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I can't tell if it's absolutely weird that there's a few exceptional teen stars that I am kinda of obsessing over lately, or of it's natural due to their raw talent and remarkable fashion sense. Elle Fanning, which was my first style spotlight, Chloe Moretz, who is being showcased today, and Hailee Stienfeld, which trust me, I will be writing about in the future, have all stolen my heart. Chloe Moretz was the first of these teen stars that I was taken away with. I first saw her in Let Me In, in which she played a killer vampire stuck in a little girl's body. Her performance in that movie showcased her powerful acting capacity, as well as her unique beauty. I've seen her in various small roles since, and she always seems to portray her character perfectly. Not only is she absolutely talented, she's also got a sense of style that makes me drool. Moretz has shot countless fashion editorials, and is always an inspiration on the red carpet. I swear I'm even thinking about cutting my hair like hers. And man, she's only 15. You know this girl is going places. 


  1. Amazing post!!! Brilliant blog - looking forward to more posts from you. :-) Have a great weekend! :-)


  2. Gee thanks!!! Can't wait to post more ;)

  3. she is so cute! love her quirky style!

    love from San Francisco,



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