February 27, 2012

Paper Covered Magnets DIY

Yesterday, I did this cute little guest DIY post over at the Threadesque blog. I thought I would share it with my lovely readers as well, but would like to recommend that you check out Threadesque, because it is quite a lovely blog! 

These pretty paper covered magnets are such a fun and easy craft, which actually serve to be very useful in the end. You can use these to add a charming little touch to your fridge, and they're even cute enough to give away as favors or swag.

-Card stock
-Modge Podge

1. Trace around your magnet on to the wrong side of your patterned card stock. Slowly cut around the outside of the circle you traced. Make sure to use a lot of tiny cuts instead of a couple of long ones. 2. paint a tiny bit of Modge Podge on to your magnet. 3. Stick your paper circle on top of the magnet. Wait for the glue to dry, and then cut any excess paper off the edges to form a perfect circle. 4. Add a thin top coat of Modge Podge to your paper magnets. Wait for them to dry before using.



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