February 29, 2012

I Want Wednesday

This week seems like I'm in love with all things earth tones. I'm currently into anything beige or brown, especially today. I'll I've thought about all day is wearing this brown toned outfit I've had in mind, but never put it on because it's too darn cold... STILL! Anyways, hope you like my Wednesday wants this week. 

1. Isn't this the cutest lunch kit? It's made from stackable ceramic bowls that seal with a cork lid. What's super cool too is that the lid doubles as a plate. I love that the design is a mix between a  Japanese bento box and  an Indian tiffin. I work from home so I have no need for this, but it definitely makes me wish I had to pack a lunch to go. 

2. This tote is perfect for this lady! Again, the earth tone palette of this purse have stolen my heart. The lady big applique is so youthful and fun, without being to childish. I also think the tassel and key hanging off the strap are incredibly lust worthy.

3. OMGGGGG! I want this tea kettle and matching cups. They have such a unique look to them. These contemporary pieces are made from cork and ceramic; two materials I've never seen incorporated into glassware. What's also great about these babies is that they are on sale! Can't beat that. 

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