February 24, 2012

DIY Fri: Spiral Notebook Revamp

I finally bought some new sketch pads to jot down ideas and designs in. I can't even tell you how long I've just been using random pieces of paper. Anyhow, I've been super busy trying to get a bunch of stuff done before I leave to Miami for a week, and kind of totally forgot about doing a DIY post. That was, until I got the idea to transform one of my new notebooks. I'm super happy with the results, and am even more excited that it motivates me to be more creative and actually want to use this book often.

-Assorted card stock
-Scrap paper
-Glue stick

1. Open up the front cover of your notebook, and place on top of the wrong side of your card stock. Align the edge of your card stock with the edge of the holes where the spiral goes. Trace the outside of the book and then add 1/2" around the perimeter. 2. Cut your paper out and glue the card stock to the front of your notebook, aligning the edge of the paper with the edges of the holes again. 3. Flip the front notebook page over and fold the extra edges in like you would a present. Use your glue to secure down. After this step you may want to place a couple of book on top to press and seal the glue. 4. Practice your oval and silhouette bust on a piece of scrap paper until you like what you've got. Cut out both shapes and trace on to you card stock. I traced my silhouette bust backwards so the pencil markings would not show in the end. 5. Glue your cut out bust and oval(s) on to the front of the notebook. You may want to press it with a couple of book again for a bit. 6. Glue some lace to the edge of the notebook, making sure not to cover up the spiral holes. 

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