February 17, 2012

DIY Fri: Glitter & Suede Shoes

For the past couple of seasons glittery shoes have been all the rage. I've seen them on numerous celebs, and featured in countless fashion magazines. Tons of design labels (Miu Miu, Steve Madden, and Kimchi Blue to name a few) have also offered these pretty pumps for sale; and I must mention the oodles of tutorials floating around the blogosphere as well. There are some trends that you just have to jump on the bandwagon with, and this is one for me. However, I did not want to do the regular, played out glitter shoes d.i.y. So, I decided to incorporate micro-suede into mine to give it a little extra flare. I'm obsessed with the final product and can not wait to wear these out!


-Old shoes (I bought ankle boots at Value Village)
-Container of glitter
-Clear drying decoupage glue
-Paint brush
-Clean drying fabric/craft glue
-Micro-suede or Suede
-Newspaper or other large paper
-Grocery bags
-Masking Tape
-Thin Sharpie
-Empty container
-Felt (optional)

1. Wipe the outside of your shoes clean. I cut off the buckles that came on my shoes. Stuff the grocery bags inside to prevent glitter from entering. Lay down your newspaper on to your work surface for easier clean up. 2. Start to drape some felt (or suede) over your shoe to form whatever pattern you will like your suede to be. Tape on one side and smooth out over shoe, taping as you go, and marking the felt with any curves or designs with a pen. You may need to take off the felt, cut and shape, and then lay back on to get the correct shape and fit. When you are happy with the design, trace around the felt with a thin sharpie on to the shoe as a guide. 3. Tape off areas of sole you do not want covered. Pour some decoupage glue into your container and mix with some glitter. I like to have it kind of runny rather than too thick. Paint this mixture on to your shoe, making sure to avoid the micro-suede guidelines. I worked in sections, and saved the heel for very last. When you have a thin layer painted on, start to sprinkle the glitter onto the shoe. Make sure you do this over your paper!! Let dry completely before adding a second coat if needed. 4. Paint a thin layer of just decoupage glue over the glitter to seal it. Let dry before next step. 5. Use the felt, or suede, pattern you draped on your shoe earlier, and cut out the final micro-suede fabric. Starting at one side, apply a tiny bit of your fabric/craft glue to the edges of the micro-sued and apply to the shoe. Work slowly, and make sure to always smooth out the fabric. If your pattern is a little off, work with the material to make it fit. I had to pull at some points to make it long enough, and cut at some other to make it short enough to fit perfectly. 6. Carefully fill in the gaps around the micro-suede with your craft glue, and sprinkle more glitter on. When dry, finish your heel in the same method as previous steps. 

-You WILL have glitter all over your house. I kept my vacuum next to me and sucked up any stray glitter when I felt like it was getting out of hand. 
-After every one or two sprinklings of glitter, use the paper you laid down to dump it back into your glitter bottle. 
-Take your time on draping the micro-suede and making it fit properly. Tape it on and fix if not certain. 
-Make sure not to get any glue on zippers or other openings that are crucial for wear.
-If you should ever need to touch up, just add some glue and sprinkle more glitter. 

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  1. Gorgeous!! I was just thinking about how those were perfect DIY inspiration!



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