February 03, 2012

DIY Fri: Cupid's Love Arrows

I've been wanting to make my own "arrows" for a while now. I finally decided to go through with making them because I thought they would be perfect props for my Valentine's Day photo shoot on Tuesday. They turned out pretty cute, and are surprisingly inexpensive and easy to make; which is always a good thing when it comes to DIY's.

-puff paint
-paint & brush
-assorted colors of felt
-clear, fast drying craft glue
1. Select your stick, or cut it to desired size. Cut off any extra knobs or tiny branches, and make one end into a wedge. 2. Paint your stick. You will want to wait for the first coat to dry before applying the next one. You can experiment with lines or designs if you like. Apply puffy paint x's and o's last. 3. Make a paper heart template for the "arrow point", and cut out of felt. Glue both pieces together. 4. To create the feathers, cut half ovals from felt at your desired width and length. Take each half oval, and cut downward notches on the rounded side to make it look like a feather's edge. 5. When your stick is completely dry, glue your heart to the end that you made into a wedge. 6. Apply a line of glue to the straight edge of the feather and glue to the back end of the stick. Continue with each feather.


  1. They're so cute! I wish I was more into Valentine's Day because I keep seeing a lot of fun craft ideas. :-)

  2. Thanks guys! I am in love with them. So happy I finally got around to making'em!

  3. That is such a lovely idea. Like it big time.

  4. Great!!! and your blog is so lovely!!! Kisses from Argentina! I'm Lau and my blog bulubu.blogspot.com.ar :)



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