February 05, 2012

Deception Pass, I'm Sinking Fast

Yesterday, I visited Deception Pass for the first time. For those who don't know anything about deception pass, it's basically a narrow straight that separates two islands here in northwest Washington. I've wanted to see this pass, as well as the state park, ever since I heard the song Deception Pass by D+, many years ago. Well, now one of my sightseeing dreams has finally come true and I could not be happier. The water was so bright and swirly, and I was lucky enough to see seals swimming around. We even got to the state park just in time to watch a gorgeous sunset on the beach. This is an adventure I'd love to take again, and hopefully next time I can see more of the park.


  1. What gorgeous photos, Washington looks gorgeous right now! Very jealous.

  2. It has been soooo sunny and "warm" outside the last two weeks. I can not believe it! Back to rain now tho =(



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