November 04, 2011

DIY Fri: Glitter Pine Cone Decorations

I've really gotten into the holiday spirit this year. Usually, I never make any sort of decorations, themed/seasonal foods, or care too much about the holidays in general. I've had such a lack in traditions the past couple years in my life that I can not even tell you the last time I properly celebrated any fall or winter festivities. This year is different, however. This is the year I start my own traditions and celebrations; and this is why I wanted to do a holiday themed DIY project. This week's activity, glitter pine cones, can be used for both Thanksgiving table decorations, or Christmas ornaments.  Let's get started, shall we?

-Pine Cones
-Decoupage Glue
-Foam Paint Brush  
-String/Ribbon/Twine (optional)
-Hot Gun/Glue (optional)

1) Make sure your pine cones are clean and dry before starting. 2) Dip your foam paintbrush into your decoupage paint and start to dab it on to one side of the pine cone, making sure to get it in the crevices. Be careful not to put too much glue on, or it gets clumpy. 3) Sprinkle glitter over the glued areas, also making sure the glue falls into the cracks. 4) Let dry for 30 minutes to an hour, and then repeat with the other side. When it's dry you can add another coat if needed, and then coat it again with the decoupage glue to seal it if you like.  Tip) If you used too much glue and the cracks are filled with too much glitter, take the end of a pencil or x-acto knife and simply scrape some off from the cracks to give a cleaner look with more depth.

You can also carry these decoration over to Christmas by adding a small dab of hot glue to one of the ends of the pine cone, and gluing some twine or ribbon to it. Make sure to sprinkle a little more glitter on the hot glue before it dries!


  1. Wow wow wow! <3 They look oh-so darling! I bet they catch the light beautifully!

    Lost in the Haze

  2. Aw Thanks! They are lovely! I did it with pine cones that were opened up more and they looked even more spectacular!



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