November 30, 2011

Compass Rose - Map Dress

For those of you who don't know, British Vogue is holding a competition to create a dress from recycled paper. I'm obsessed with competitions, especially fashion ones, and had to enter! I made the deadline just on time too. Phew! The voting for this dress starts tomorrow, so you know I will be badgering all of you to vote for me. The winner gets to have their dress made and sold in Matches

My dress was made from an old recycled road atlas. It was inspired by a vintage halter top I saw a pattern for, and a 50's style circle skirt; I can't get enough of those circle skirts lately! Please vote for my entry starting tomorrow, until December 7, here

My Entry - Please vote! 
British Vogue Design A Dress Competition


  1. oh wow that's absolutey lovely! I love the simplicity of it. Great Job, I hope you win!


  2. Thanks guys! I hope I at least make it into the top 10!

  3. Great job! Good luck for the contest!

  4. hi im doing a hairdressing competition in a few months and we have to design an outfit moodboard do the hair, nails and makeup i would love to learn how you made this dress so i could create a simular one like it.

  5. Hi Sophie! To tell you the truth, I made the pattern myself for this dress. I took an old atlas that I thrifted and cut the pages so it would just be the map with no borders. Then I glues them together with a glue stick and traced my already made pattern onto the paper I wanted to use to create the dress. I cut it out and glues the seams together with a glue stick instead of sewing. I left the center back unglued and just used pieces of Velcro down the entire back to keep it shut. Hope that helps, and would love to see pics if you give it a go!



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