September 21, 2011

Seattle Sky

Last week I did a bunch of tourist activities while my boyfriend's dad was visiting for the first time. I love doing super touristy things because I have only lived in Seattle for a year and there's still so much I have/want to see! One of the cooler things I did was go to Colombia Tower, which is the tallest building in Seattle. I've heard that going to the top of the Space Needle is way too over priced for an overcrowded lookout floor, with a not so great view. I'm happy we skipped doing that and went to the tallest building where you could see the entire city for only $5! I highly recommend going if you ever visit Seattle.


  1. Wow! We were in Seattle for a day last year (our cruise left from there) and we didn't have a ton of time for sightseeing. Would love to go back!

  2. very cool pictures. i haven't been up in the columbia tower since i did the stair climb for leukemia a few years ago... then i was too tired enjoy any views! haha. have you been up to kerry park at the top of queen anne hill? beautiful views of downtown from behind the space needle. hooray for seattle bloggers!


  3. Paige, if you ever come back definitely check that out!
    Alex, I haven't been Kerry Park but its sounds awesome! Ill have to check that out!!



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