September 23, 2011

DIY Fri: Fabric Scrap Fabric Statement Necklace

I am always admiring the products from Anthropologie, especially their jewelry. They always seems to have the most interesting collection of accessories that look hand made and one of a kind. That's probably why I can always find inspiration on their website for a great DIY project. This week  I decided to try to make a necklace inspired by their Strung Silk Necklace pictured below.

My variation is a little bit different. I used regular woven cotton fabric instead of silk, so the draping is not exactly the same. Also, instead of using a bunch of different fabrics, I used only 4 colors that I thought would make a cool autumn combination. This necklace was the easiest thing to whip up, and turned out rather cute!

-Scrap Fabric
-Ruler/Measuring Tape
-Sewing machine
-Fabric Glue  

Cut your fabric into a bunch of 1 inch wide strips, making them varying lengths.  Then zigzag stitch the edges of each strip to prevent fraying.

Determine how thick you want your necklace to be. Gather strips together (the number will depend on how thick you want your necklace to be) and align the edges at one side, then make knot. Pull the knot tight to ensure it doesn't come loose. Then you can either leave the tiny ends of the knot or cut them off. This knot will go into a loop (last step) to secure the necklace.

Start knotting more strips to the initial ones you tied in a knot to make the necklace longer. Keep doing this until it is as long as you want it. My necklace ended up being 26 inches long.

When you have reached the desired length, smooth out the strips and cut them to an even length. Take a piece of one of the remaining, or cut, strips of fabric and make a loop. The loop must be big enough for your knot to fit through. Glue the loop to the end of the strips.Then, continue to wrap the scrap fabric around the end of the strips and loop, gluing as you go.

BAM! Finished!


  1. Looks lovely! And you probably saved yourself a couple hundred $$$ buy making it yourself!

  2. I know right, Emma! I have this problem where I have to at least try to make everything I want in a store because I'm a crafter.



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