September 28, 2011

Current Craze: Indoor TiPi & Tents

I've seen pictures and how-to's for indoor tee pees and tents popping up all over the internet. I feel like the past couple of months have seen a craze for indoor child-like forts, but designed to be beautiful and inviting, and not as haphazard as a child would construct.  I wish my apartment was big enough to dedicate even just a corner to an indoor tipi. Sighhh! I guess I'll just continue to wish for one of these I've pictured below.


  1. I love tents.. I used to build them when I was a kid.. I swear.. the one in the first photo is absolutely dreamy.. I want to build one now!

  2. I know... I like try to think of new places I could try to squeeze one of these in every day! Not haooening tho =(

  3. This is just what I need to transform my crappy Brooklyn room into a cozy nook!

  4. Last one my favourite :) I wish I could put one in every room heehee

  5. I know Erin, you could have a bunch of fabulous teepees instead of just one!



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