July 11, 2011

Mood Board Monday

Harry Potter Wedding Inspiration

I just watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 1, which filled me with excessive amounts of inspiration. I think that all of the Harry Potter movies really pull off a realistic magical setting, even more so in the latter movies. I started freaking out when I saw the wedding scene. I love the purple tones which are mixed with a very natural and Victorian feeling. What I think I enjoyed the most about that scene is Fleur's (the bride's) dress. I was freaking out it's so beautiful. 

First shot of the dress and inside the reception party.

Designer: Alexander McQueen 

Inside look at the Harry Potter set. Look at Those cutie desserts! 

It's a little hard to see but even the bride's headband is amazing. Like a stiff, black, lace headpiece with jewels.

AH! I can't wait for part two! Especially 3D!!  


  1. I'm so pumped for Part 2!

    And yes, Fleru's dress was just gorgeous. I didn't know it was Alexander McQueen until just now, but it's very fitting.

  2. I know! I'm like getting more excited at the 17th nears!

  3. i can't wait! i have tickets for saturday!! although i don't want it to end! xx

  4. I don't think anyone wants it to end... even though its been years and years! It's just so good!



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